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A Fresh Start

This Great Harvest Bread Co. in Temecula

is a dream come true — our dream! Our passion for great tasting, nutritious bread, and our desire to run a community-based business, led us to Great Harvest. They have been making great bread for communities across the U.S. for over 30 years.

Our Great Harvest looks like no other Great Harvest out there. We operate under a “Freedom Franchise.” The “Freedom” part means that we get to run our business in a way that meets our community’s unique needs.

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    Gary GravettGary Gravett
    15:14 23 Apr 24
    Mmm, sourdough. Excellent
    Jhoana Rose JuenJhoana Rose Juen
    21:51 20 Apr 24
    great bread (Alaskan sourdough!) and lovely workers. definitely a staple for us
    Mitra AdeshiMitra Adeshi
    16:13 26 Mar 24
    Chris RadcliffeChris Radcliffe
    01:28 20 Mar 24
    Always a great experience. Prices are reasonable, employees are friendly. Really good bread!
    Samsonite 16kSamsonite 16k
    20:45 19 Mar 24
    Bob ThompsonBob Thompson
    20:50 20 Jan 24
    I had mixed feelings about Great Harvest Bread Co. I loved how the inside of this rather sizable bakery was decorated...bright & colorful. It was nice, looking at all the freshly baked goodies & bread, displayed all about the inside here. The baked pastries & cookies within the glass cases looked amazing. I noticed they did not have an espresso machine. Their coffee was in large stainless steel thermos dispensers.My wife & I purchased a Raisin Walnut Cinnamon Roll, & it looked just as spectacular as it tasted...moist, humongous, & covered in cream cheese frosting, sprinkled with raisins & walnuts bits on top.We bought 2 loaves of bread here, a small honey white loaf & full-size sourdough loaf. Each loaf looked pretty aesthetically, but after toasting & tasting a slice of each, at home, we were both sadly disappointed. We agreed that each of these, were just on par with supermarket baked bread of like kinds...nothing more. For a point of reference, we paid over $7 for Great Harvest Bakery's Sourdough Loaf & less than half that for a supermarket sourdough loaf, which, believe it or not, had stronger sourdough flavor. That noted, I'd gladly pay more for designer bread, if I judged it extraordinary. The Great Harvest Honey White Loaf was dense, texture-wise, & nothing stood out about it. The sourdough loaf from Great Harvest had lots of large air pockets throughout, plus I barely got any Sourdough flavor, from my toasted slice.So I was bit torn, regarding this place. I'd definitely get another Cinnamon Roll here, but I probably wouldn't buy any of their fresh-baked bread, unless we tried something different. It was also disappointing Great Harvest Bread Co. didn't make it a priority, to serve a wide variety of fresh brewed coffee drinks & espressos, to wash down their baked goods with.My wife & I thought the person working the counter, who got & rang up our order, was a bit short with us, as well.
    Kyle TuckerKyle Tucker
    14:51 11 Nov 23
    If you're a bread lover like me, then you've stumbled upon a carb paradise at the Great Harvest Bread Company! Their Sourdough bread is so good, it should come with a warning: "May cause uncontrollable bread cravings!" But hold your horses, folks, because I must warn you about the "Great Harvest Shuffle." Yes, you'll wait up to 20 minutes for your food to arrive. Now, I know what you're thinking: "Twenty minutes? That's like an eternity in bread years!" But fear not, my fellow bread enthusiasts, because when that plate finally lands in front of you, it's like a slice of heaven descended upon your order.My. Yum! I had the pleasure of sinking my teeth into the Wine Country sandwich on their herb bread, and I swear time stood still. Layers of deliciousness embraced my taste buds, and I found myself contemplating how I could fit an entire loaf of that herb bread into my purse. No judgment, please. My only dilemma now is how I'll ever be able to try anything else on their menu. Do I stick to my beloved Sourdough and risk missing out on other bread-ventures? Or do I branch out and risk a potential bread heartbreak? Decisions, decisions!Pro tip: If you want to experience that intoxicating aroma of freshly baked bread, set your alarm for 6 am and make a beeline to this place. It's like being hugged by a cloud of warm, doughy goodness. Just be prepared for the early morning carb-induced happiness that may follow. Great Harvest Bread Company is a carb lover's utopia.
    Gloria BernalGloria Bernal
    17:45 07 Nov 23
    That lunch here on Saturday afternoon. We ate outside on a beautiful day. Bread so fresh. An offered sample of their cinnamon burst bread prompted us to buy a loaf to take home. Sure wish we had a bakery like this in Murrieta. Thumbs up!
    Nash McGeeNash McGee
    16:28 11 Oct 23
    Unfortunately I am unable to upload the pictures of my scrumptious smokehouse panini sandwich. They also carry cake mixes and many more. The ginormous cookies are to die for. Give them a try you won’t regret it.
    Kimberly PhamKimberly Pham
    06:51 07 Sep 22
    Located in a shopping center so lots of parking! We stopped here after our hot air balloon excursion.The menu seems to be broad with numerous delicious options. We got a fresh loaf of sourdough freshly made for dinner and boy it was delicious!The price seems to be reasonable and the service was attentive.

    31795 Rancho California Rd, Temecula, California 92591, United States